Kyle M (Yelp) —A guy installing a shower door for me punched into a pipe in my bathroom and left me with water pouring out of my wall.  It was around 3pm and I had to shut off all the water to my house.   I figured my chances of getting anyone out that day was pretty much zero.

Anytime showed up within the hour.  The guy was very professional (even put baggies on his shoes when he came in) and had the thing fixed in a few minutes.

The charge was $125 for the call, which I consider customary.  The part was $12, which is about what I’d pay for it at ACE.

I don’t often give five stars to anything, but I can’t see a reason not to here.

Katie Matthies– What a great company. They came to our home 40 miles outside of town on a holiday weekend and fixed what was a major problem. Very professional. Highly recommend!

Mel Best- I called every plumber and this is the ONLY company in the area that would dare take a stab at my moody and temperamental tankless water heater over in Victor, ID. Steve has taken the thing apart, cleaned it, and we have determined that a combination of cold groundwater, low gas pressure caused by the wrong sized pipes and a moody specific brand tankless with copper heating coils makes for a bad combo. Regardless, Steve has been trying to problem solve this issue to the very end with me! I really appreciate his patient and professionalism! The final solution: get a tank for the winter and enjoy the tankless in the summer.