Septic Tank Repair and Excavation

septic tank repair

Plumbing Anytime is a full service, professional plumbing company. In addition to our general plumbing services, we also offer septic tank repair and installation services.

We buy septic tanks from Oldcastle and purchase chambers for the leach field from Infiltrator.  Infiltrator uses recycled plastic that is engineered for strength and performance and allows for greater design flexibility. These characteristics are perfect for a leach field. Oldcastle precast metals are cost-efficient and effective at their jobs, making them perform for septic tanks.

The solids that get accumulated in septic tanks should be pumped out regularly, ideally once in every three blockage issues. Often times, the sewage waste flows back into the pipes and across the entire drain-field, causing a septic tank overflow. At this stage, septic tank pumping will not be of any help, and a new drain-field will have to be constructed on your property.

Unlike what most people believe, septic tank maintenance jobs are much cheaper and can save you from a lot of trouble and damage to your property and other plumbing fixtures including pipes.

We Offer the Following Services For Septic Systems:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection

Contact us or call us directly at 307-733-3534 for more information on our septic tank repair, maintenance, cleaning, and installation services. We hope to be your resource for septic system services in the state of Wyoming.

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