Leak Detection and Frozen Pipe Repair

frozen pipe repair

Diagnosing and fixing frozen and leaking pipes is best completed by a professional to ensure the problem is properly fixed. At Plumbing Anytime, we pride ourselves on a job completed accurately and efficiently. Our experienced and knowledgeable plumbers are there to identify and fix the problem correctly, the first time.

At times, fixing a leaking pipe can be a quick fix. We have equipment that will determine where an underground leak is in the main water line quickly and efficiently, decreasing tearing up your yard/ driveway. Our leak detection technology allows us to find the leak quickly and efficiently, saving you cost.  We can also pinpoint specific areas of leaks through a special helium-based technology and use a spot repair cast to seal up a leaky system.Other companies use an epoxy band-aid to line underground galvanized pipes and will also work in hard to reach pipes in large buildings. These band-aids do not always work and don’t always target the source of a leak.

Other times, it can point to a more serious problem in the plumbing, including a frozen or clogged system or a cracked pipe. Even frost can freeze your pipelines! We start by identifying the source of the leak and problem solving from there.

When we diagnose a  frozen pipe, we always start by turning off the water flow to prevent flooding within the house. A frozen pipe can actually cause a lot more damage than just the cost to fix the pipe. The key is to slowly warm up the pipe to prevent it from cracking (if it hasn’t already) and to separate the pipe from the water source. This may involve hauling buckets of water depending on the location of the frozen pipe. At Plumbing Anytime, we really are prepared for anything!

The cost to replace a frozen, cracked pipe, of course, depends on the type of pipes within the house. There are 6 different kinds of pipes found in a house, and they vary on usage as well as cost.

  1.  PEX- Pex is a flexible, plastic piping used mainly on water supply lines and is about 66% cheaper than copper piping.LIfetime warranty.
  2. PVC Pipe/ABS- Mainly used for drains and vent lines, PVC is lighter and easier to work with. ABS pipe is often where we see frozen lines. Used for drain and vent lines, this is black in color and is an older version of PVC.
  3. Rigid Copper -Mainly used for water supply lines, this is what you think of when we talk about plumbing lines. It’s more challenging to work with compared to PEX.
  4. Flexible Copper Tubing-Used internally to connect to appliances such as water heaters and refrigerators because of its elasticity.
  5. Galvanized Steel-The traditional and outdated plumbing pipe that is both strong, heavy and no longer used in construction. It’s used most often on water lines.
  6.  Cast Iron- Cast iron is rarely used in homes, and rather is part of your sewer line. While quieter than other pipes, cast iron is traditionally used in commercial buildings where fire code is of importance.

While we strive to use the best, most cost-effective materials when we replace your piping, at times we do have to replace with copper piping to ensure safety standards and appropriate fitting.


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