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Plumbing Anytime is Jackson Hole's top plumbing service provider with over 12 years of service to the community. We can take care of any of your plumbing needs from the stubborn drain clearing to a new hot water heater and water softener installation.
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Plumbing Services

Water Heater Installation and Repair

Who wants a hot shower? We can install and service several brands of tank water heaters.

I Want a Hot Shower!

Tankless Water Heater Install and Service

We install and repair energy efficient tankless hot water heaters in the Jackson Hole area.

Hot Water, Please!

Drain Cleaning and Clearing

All "stuffed" up? We use eco-friendly plumbing tools to get through those tough clogs!

Clean my Pipes!

Toilet Installation and Repair

Not all toilets are created equal. And a non-functioning toilet is just NOT acceptable.

Fix My Toilet

Disposal Installation/Repair

Our team of experts can install a new, top of the line garbage disposal to conquer tough tasks!

I Want a Pro!

Softeners Repair/Install

Hard water clogging you up? We can install and repair all types of water softeners essential to keeping your appliances running smoothly.

Soft Water, Please.

Sink and Faucet Installation and Repair

Want new fixtures? We can both repair and install your faucet and sink fixtures.

My Faucet Needs Help!

Leak Detection and Frozen Pipe Repair

Got a holy pipe? We use modern leak detection and frozen pipe repair techniques.

Plug That Hole!

Septic Repair and Excavation

Looking for a new toilet? We can solve your septic issues both within the house and in your septic tank/leech field.

Hire an Expert!

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"Steve and John, as well as Pete came to the rescue. They did not stop until they did every possible remedy to rectify the noise problem. My remark now is 'SILENCE IS GOLDEN!' Thanks to the endless efforts of Steve,John, & Pete!"

- Louise Wade, Jackson, Wyoming

About Us

Plumbing Anytime in Jackson Hole is your problem-solving team! For 13 years, Plumbing Anytime has been putting the needs of our Jackson Hole customers first. We care about the quality of our work, and value cost-effective, professional caliber solutions to your most complex plumbing problems. We use state-of-the-art equipment and stay up to date on the newest trends in the plumbing world. We back our work with a two-year “no questions asked” labor and parts warranty to give you the peace of mind of a job well done. Call us and see for yourself how efficiency and effectively Plumbing Anytime can conquer those pipes and get things moving along again!